Emotions Mentor Coaching

My mission is to help you increase personal effectiveness, improve overall health and relationships and help you realize greater fulfillment thru the power of emotional intelligence and self-love.

Essential Oils for Mind, Body, Soul Management

Simple tools and education to manage mind, mood and physical health.  Experience the power of nature to support whole health, energy and vitality.  

Meditation Magic

Balance your energy, calm your mind in minutes per day with my simple audio meditation

Empowered by Nature

Hey!  I'm Emily - a wellness educator and Certified Emotions Mentor Coach who wants to help you generate inner calm, focus, and balance from the inside out.  

I truly believe if we want to see a better, more peaceful world WE MUST START WITH CARING FOR OURSELVES.  From the inside out. 

Naturally, simply and effectively.

Through preventative power of the plants, establishing simple holistic health habits and deepening emotional intelligence and understanding, I help you re-connect to your senses so you can show up big and bright to share your gifts, YOUR medicine with the world. 

What you can find here:  

  1. Simple Tools 
  2. Effective Guidance
  3. Principle-Based Philosophies
  4. Common Sense + Science
  5. All Love
With joy,  

Everything is energy.  
Are you taking care of yours?  
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