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Welcome to your FREE Grounding Meditation + Workbook.
Grab this guided audio meditation + workbook and tune in for 10 minutes to tune up your energy quick.  

With joy,  

Where can we send your guided grounding meditation and workbook?  

Calm is Contagious... and it takes Practice. 

Imagine being able to steady your own nervous system, because you have the tools in your pocket and you know how to use them in the moment.... It's totally possible...

When you consistently take time to make space for what is and get familiar with the fluctuations of our own mind and body we learn to become an observer rather than get attached to our thought forms.  

When we are more in touch with how our subtle energy flows we know ourselves better.   

We can make more sound and supportive decisions because we know what drains or sustains our energy.  

Commit to practice daily and you will start to see things differently, I promise.  

There are many ways to be in meditation.  This simple, short guided practice rooted in breath and body awareness is the first of a seven meditation series aimed at connecting with each of the seven main energy centers in the body to deepen your own mind/body connection.  

Steadying and regulating your own nervous system is important work right now.   Meditation is one of the best ways I know to accomplish this..  

I hope you will make good use of this tool and consider making meditation a part of your daily practice.  

Thanks for being here.  

Practicing with you,

Emily xo

Download Meditation Magic (7-chakra Meditation Series)

Seven simple meditation practices and beautiful workbooks to connect you back to yourself in a matter of minutes per day.  

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