Emily Polonus

APPLICATION: 8 -Weeks to a Better Brain: Mindfulness Meditation Mentorship for Busy Brains & Sensitive Hearts
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Healing and steadying from the inside out.  

Below you will find offerings in Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Education, In person and Livestream Yoga classes with New Yoga Now, Meditation, Group & 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship, and Retreat Info  

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FREE Audio/Podcast Class - Calm at Your Core: How to use essential oils to anchor in calm, energy and focus.
1/13/22 I Have My Oils, Now What? REPLAY HERE
1/20/22: Oils for Young & Old REPLAY HERE
1/27/22: Gut Health: Nutrition & Supplements REPLAY HERE
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90-Day Rising Well 1:1 Mentorship
Cultivating Authentic Power: {FREE Video Series}
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Meditation Magic: Chakra Meditation Series $77 {AUDIO + WORKBOOKS}
Mindful Vinyasa Wednesdays 4:30PM EST {LIVESTREAM & NEW YOGA NOW IN-STUDIO}
Yin to Restore Sundays 4:30-5:45pm EST {LIVESTREAM & NEW YOGA. NOW IN-STUDIO}
Healing in Hawaii Oct 20-26, 2022
8-Day Digital Detox Jungle Yoga Thailand March 25-April 1st 2023

Emily Polonus is a former map-making Geographer, turned explorer of the inner terrain of the heart, mind, and body connection.  A dedicated student with a thirst for knowledge she embodies the teachings of the following certifications:  Emotions Mentor Coach, Essential Oils Specialist/Teacher w/ doTERRA, Forrest Yoga Teacher, and Massage Therapist. Through daily dedication, consistency in practice, and teaching she has become a brilliant master of using essential oils as primary healing tools for everyday health, emotional and energetic regulation, and transformation. She weaves a unique tapestry of wisdom, insight, and experience into her teachings, business and relations.  She believes that reclaiming the truth of our innate worthiness and inner abundance is key to being more kind and compassionate to ourselves and others.