Hold steady: Observe your mind, Feel your body. Your Buried Treasure Awaits.

A steady container holds things effectively. 

You are a container.  The contents inside are your map.  How are you holding up? 

Maps are complex, multi-layered, multi-dimensional constructs that orient us to reality.  
Maps give us context and reference and help us make meaning of space and our place in it.  
Humans are multi-layered, multi-dimensional too- and the more you dive into your material to get to know your layers,  your container's capacity expands. With it your internal scaffolding grows stronger. 

The more you feel and process the more understanding & discerning you become. Then the paradox arises: the more you can hold and process the lighter and more free you will feel.  The more comfortable you become with paradox. Process being the key word here.  It's hard to process when your layers are incoherent and not aligned or overlaying properly.  Your emotions need to be felt and moved.  E-motion = energy in motion. 

"Your emotions matter.  Processing them matters more." - Sherianna Boyle

Your map layers - emotions and experiences - as Brene Brown puts it are your “biology, biography, behavior and backstory." That lady speaks my language. 

The layers of a map tell a story. Your layers tell your story. (Your biology = your biography.)  

"According to energy medicine, we are all living history books. Our bodies contain our histories, every chapter, line and verse of every event and relationship in our lives. As our lives unfold, our biological health becomes a living, breathing biological statement that conveys our strengths, weakness, hopes and fears."  
Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

Creating, standardizing and integrating the layers of map data effectively is a science and the cartographic design piece an art.  It's a time consuming process.  Like a map, you are a process of both science & art.  

The most worthwhile investment you can make with your time is learning the language of your layers and your energy.  

This investment returns you a whole new sense of freedom and empowerment you didn't realize was already within you. Like a map relies on its layers to be prioritized and integrated to be effective as a decision making tool, so do you.  

How Making Maps Led Me to NOW.
I spent over a decade of my life intimately involved in all aspects of map making.   

From the minute details of collecting data from scratch, to integrating disparate datasets, to building systems that required judiciously bridging technology gaps, to performing complex spatial analysis I built and managed Geographic Information Systems. In the process I became skilled at creating useful cartographic products for high level decision making for engineers & scientists in private industry and for the US Army Installation Management Command. 

The real schooling though came in dealing with all of the humans across multi-disciplinary departments and organizations who, while all subject matter experts in their own lane, didn’t really have a clue about what it took to create an intelligent mapping system that actually was interoperable across platforms, would increase accuracy saving them time and resources in the long run.

Many were not willing to do things a new way, yet they still wanted good information fast, They couldn't see beyond their silo, which I understand, but it made my job a lot more challenging. I ran out of energy trying to champion a better way in that realm, so I made my exit. Anyway, I'm grateful for it all and find myself still working as an agent for positive change, just in a new way. Same same but different, as they say in Thailand.  

I know there is a better I follow it and it's working for me. 

A little more on maps...
A good map is solid decision making tool and will answer questions like:

Where am I?  
How did I get here from there? 
How do I get there from here? 

As Brene Brown states in her most recent book Atlas of the Heart: “These questions are central to understanding the physical world, and they’re central to understanding our internal world.“ 

A map comprised of inaccurate data or poor design on the other hand, will lead to confusion, frustration and potentially catastrophic outcomes. Every time a gas line was hit on the Army base my heart would sink because I wondered if it was a result of an inaccurate map that came from my department. I had many 'oh shit' moments like that, but ultimately I never blew anything up. I also provided map layers to 911 on the installation and if that information is not up to date, that could be the difference between life and death. No one died on my watch that I am aware of.

Those were the stressors I couldn't bear anymore, especially when a lot of the data I was receiving to input into the system was crap to begin with - garbage in, garbage out. 
I once had an engineer give me a new construction design drawing to update my system with and all of his elevations were off - the grade from the parking lot was sloping back toward the building. I am by no means a design engineer but I can read a blueprint and know that water runs downhill.   

People are often confused and ask me how I went from mapping work to the healing arts. It’s so wildly different they say. I've heard many versions of this over the years, and I am finally able to make sense of it all.

Same same but different. 

It is almost more same than different to me. I am still a Geographer.  I am simply working with a new map, the inner space. Call it what you will, the title doesn't matter to me - I’m here to help you organize the layers of your map upon your own solid ground. The nature of the data has simply changed. 

If you want your map to be beautifully layered, connected and communicating in a meaningful way, your energy fluid and coherent, you must dig into your inner material often to understand your layers (emotions, biology, biography, behavior, backstory) and how they interact. Then you can organize them in a way that is most supportive from the inside out. That's how you unearth the treasures within.   (This is what we do in Emotions Mentor Coaching Mind/Body Activation Sessions.)

This requires courage and a degree of fascination with the human experience. You must be willing to become an inner explorer. Observe your mind and feel your body, daily.  Find a good guide who knows how to help you connect the dots, traverse the terrain and re-organize your material so the layers coherently align.   (reach out if you are ready to dive in)

It’s fascinating territory if you decide to make it so. True transformation is not always a pleasant process (caterpillar/butterfly perfect example, but everything is always changing and it's all a part of it. 

Best news ever: you have the option to choose what you believe about the journey. Might as well stay curious, fascinated, grateful and enjoy it while you are here. (Read that sentence again, because it is a key to life my friend.) 

The more you allow yourself to feel, relax and actually process the feels, your container stretches. Your well of resources deepens. 

Those willing to quest deep (many times) into the interior realm will come out on the other side with buried treasures beyond belief. The territory is rich and awaits your arrival.  Are you one of the courageous ones?  We need your steady container now, more than ever.  

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