You are Not Your Emotions

Don’t get it twisted… It is so common and easy to get tricked into thinking the thought or emotion is you.  

It’s actually not YOU.   

(Your mind & heart are clear blue skies, everything else is just the weather passing through.) 

An emotion is a messenger.  An energy or pattern that lives in your body.  If you like the weather metaphor, call it a cloud.  The more we repress or deny what we are feeling, the more the energies get stuck and become unruly house guests.  Persistent patterns that limit and block your internal and external freedom.  Storms that block the clear blue sky of your mind and heart, but will eventually wash us clean if we let them. 

If you look at the word emotion - it implies movement.  Energy in motion.  Emotions need to move.  We simply haven't been taught that we are energetic/emotional beings and how to communicate and process emotions in a healthy and natural way.   

What I've learned in going deep into my own emotional backlog over the years is that it can feel terrifying at first, plunging into the darker aspects of ourselves, but it's like walking into a dark room at night.  At first you can't see anything, it feels scary, you might bump into somethings and it hurts, you want out, you feel like you might die,  but your eyes start to adjust.  Soon you see there is really nothing to be afraid of. 

Still, this can be work you do not want to take on by yourself.  You don't go into the backcountry without a guide or at very least a trail map.  The internal wilderness is no different.   I have worked and still do work with gifted teachers/guides/shamans/healers/coaches on my quest to find the buried treasures within.  

As you allow the backlog of emotions to release, you feel lighter on the other side of the puddle of tears.  That's because feelings buried alive never die.  Emotions need to move.  It can be painful to let them out when we've been conditioned to repress, suppress, deny anything that doesn't feel good or that we simply don't understand, but on the other side there is this clarity and lightness that makes it all so worth it.   

What I’ve been working with myself and my clients lately is - 

Becoming the witness of the emotion/energy/pattern instead of identifying with it.   Where does it live in the body? 

Practice seeing and feeling the energy/pattern with love and allowance instead of resisting it. (It is true - What we resist, persists.) 

A funny thing happens when you tell your (anger, sadness, despair, anxiousness)  it is  "allowed to be here in my body"... 

The energy softens when you stay with it.   You will likely cry it out soon after.   Crying is the old story leaving your cellular memory. Let it go.  

I even had to do this big time with JOY last week.  I felt the most joy i've ever felt in my life, and I admit, it was hard to hold.  I had to tell it  "JOY, you are allowed to be here in my body!"  

I have learned, thanks to the work of Brene Brown,  that we cannot selectively numb - if we numb our pain, we numb our capacity for joy, creativity, connection.  I realized the deep dive I took into feeling through the wounds and pain over the last couple of years has opened up my capacity for deeper joy and compassion on a level I've never known.  My emotional range has stretched and I'm here for it. 

It is true,  in the wound is the WOUND UP TREASURE. 

Emotions/energetic patterns in our body are just like us people.  

We want to feel seen, accepted, loved and to feel a part of something bigger.  We need to move and we need to breathe.  When we can start to see these patterns as separate from our essence we can allow them to move through and transmute them to wisdom, clarity and gifts on the other side.  We remember the truth of who we are:  CLEAR BLUE SKY, LOVING AWARENESS... call it what you will  - I know what it's not - the wave of emotion that just moved through ya.  

Years of practice has taught me this:  

You have the uncanny ability to observe yourself and to be the steady container that allows the energies/patterns to arise.  It can be easy to get swept into the pendulum of emotional extremes.  

Allow the energies to be as they are.    Love on these energies and experience a new sense of freedom within yourself as you feel them soften - by simply being there for them to do their thing.  Breathe, be still, move, be, don't be afraid of your tears.   See them like gold, that when mined, is opening you up to access even deeper treasures within.  

Keep coming back home to the center. 

It may sound silly if you aren't into this kind of work, but the shifts I’m seeing in myself and others through this next level of allowing is super sweet and powerful.  It works.   When you let it.  This being human can be easier than we’ve previously made it out to be.  

It’s work on the deeper end of life’s dance floor, but that’s where you’ll typically find me anyway.   

I invite you to book a complimentary clarity call with me if you want to:  

  • Feel more at peace, more often
  • Understand your moods & emotions & the gifts they carry
  • Feel lighter in your energy
  • Sense deeper connection & ease with yourself, your work, & relationships 
We can discuss where you are, where you want to be and see if it's a fit to work together.  I have single sessions and 3 - and 6-month programs available.  

Keep growing.  

Em xo 

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