Sourcing Black Spruce Essential Oil

If you attended dōTERRA’s 2019 Global Convention you were fortunate enough to hear all about the sourcing of Black Spruce. 

This species dominates much of the landscape of Alaska and specific regions of Canada because of its ability to flourish in areas with long winters and varying topography. The abundance of it’s growth, however, creates a significant waste problem.

The trunks of the Black Spruce trees are generally considered too small and too soft for timber so they are primarily used in paper and various other wood-based products such as chopsticks. Once the trunks have been stripped, the remnants are basically left to rot which creates a significant issue that affects both the environment and the local economy.

dōTERRA along with its harvesting partner figured out an environmentally responsible way to use what may be the most valuable parts of the Black Spruce tree: the branches and leaves (needles).

These parts of the tree contain the woody smelling essential oils. The branches and needles are steam distilled, then the remnants are burned by a local power plant. The resulting steam is used to facilitate the extraction of more essential oils. This process is what we call a closed-looped system that benefits the environment, several different businesses, and of course us the consumers!

Have you experienced the incredibly calming benefits of Black Spruce? Tell me all about your experiences!  It's one of my faves!

If you are ready to explore support and simplifying your health care practices with essential oils, you can shop here, or book a call to go over your priorities and ask me your questions! 

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