Have you ever tried an essential oil and thought, “that didn’t work?”nbsp; Honestly - I may have in the beginning when I was new to using oils, but I now know the 6 keys to having an effective experience.

If you are not having results probably your are likely not privy to these 6 key areas that REALLY MATTER when it comes to having life enhancing results.

I do not claim to be a medical professional, nor do I advocate an ‘either or’ approach when it comes to choosing conventional or alternative approaches to health and wellness.

There are times and places for each. (Do you need to be a doctor to know you need to take an ibuprofen, antacid or need some cough medicine? No, it’s a matter of cultural conditioning!)

It is my mission to shift the paradigm so that we see reaching for natural support with doTERRA  as second nature as reaching for any of the above for first line of defense, and for true support and addressing root causes of minor issues and as powerful preventatives.

What I am a firm believer in is taking an active interest in re-connecting to you own body/mind/spirit and establishing daily habits and routines that support optimal health.

This is all about using safer, more effective natural health solutions for a first line of defense and for supporting healthy structure and function of the body.

Of course if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications, please seek attention from your trained medical professional, and if a more natural approach is what you are seeking, find doctors trained in Functional Medicine and working in Integrative Health. They are out there. 

Good news is that the bridge is being formed between conventional and alternative therapies and that an integrative approach is becoming a reality. People are becoming more educated and connected to their whole health. 

Through education we become empowered.

Through empowerment we begin to elevate health, we reconnect to our nature and begin to lessen the burden on our broken healthcare system, all of which contribute to a higher frequency existence.

1. APPLICATION METHOD:  There are 3 ways to use oils and each way impacts the body/mind/spirit in a different ways.nbsp; For example if you looking to support respiratory health, topical and internal use may both be required and depending on your current state different application methods could be called for. nbsp; Consult a resource such as The Essential Life or Modern Essentials book for a break down of application methods in more detail.nbsp; Knowing what to do, when will make a difference.

2. FREQUENCY OF USE: Rule of thumb: use less, more often.nbsp; There is powerful chemistry packed into each drop of oil and a little goes a long way.   1-2 drops of an oil every 20-30 minutes or 1-2 hours (depending on what you are supporting) until desired result is achieved, is likely to be more effective than 10 drops at one time (in fact please don’t use 10 drops at one time, ever). Our bodies can only chemically process so much at any given time. Wondering where to start with your oils use for a particular health goal?   Consider: a couple drops, a few times a day, in, on or around you.  For example if I am feeling a bit run down and needing some immune boosting support, I will rub 1-2 drops of On Guard on the bottoms of my feet 3-5 times through out the day. Usually 1-2 days of that and I’m good to go! Consult the Essential Life or Modern Essentials book for detailed protocols. 

3.  OIL SELECTION:  The great thing about legitimate essential oil references, is that if it states “this oil does this” it is likely true 80% or more of the time.   For the occasional time it doesn’t work, its often that the user simply doesn’t know the true nature of their issue and therefore made a less effective choice.   Perhaps a stomach issue was suspected so Digest Zen was used when in reality it was the gall bladder needing support and Grapefruit or Geranium would have been a better selection.   As body chemistry, composition and level of health vary, effects and results will vary too!   There are a myriad of ways to approach oil choices.

4. QUALITY:   You’ll hear me say this over and over again, because it’s so important.  The quality of oils out there on the marketplace radically differ.  Many are adulterated and choosing a reliable source is imperative to successful and safe use.   On going research at Roseman University suggests that human cells know the difference between a naturally sourced oil and an adulterated or synthetically constructed oil and proteomic profiling studies further confirmed that the effects of dōTERRA essential oils were not replicated by a single major component and essential oils from different competitors had minimal effects.   Their findings conclude that the therapeutic potential of essential oils is highly dependent on the complete composition of the oil and that sourcing, processing and characterization are critical.

5.  BODY HEALTH:   Yes, essential oils work chemically with and within the body and act like messenger molecules, or exogenous ligands, acting like a consulting firm to rapidly identify what’s needed and sending instructions to whatever department needs to be involved. Imagine if no one was in the office. Nothing would get done!   If the body is lacking nutrients, the oils have no way for their powerful instructions to be carried out.   One of the most crucial habits for successful results from essential oils is to make healthy diet and use of high-quality supplements a part of your daily wellness habits.  doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack supports optimal nutrient delivery for supporting happy healthy cellular integrity.

6.  LIFESTYLE:  Wellness is a combination of lifestyle and healthcare and many times we are caught in unhealthy patterns and habits that are detrimental to our wellness.   Some culprits? Lack of sleep, inadequate hydration, poor quality of drinking water, lack of movement, too much sugar (hello inflammation), high perpetual stress levels all may override essential oils benefit because the demands on the body and ratio of the bad habit effects are greater than any potential benefit offered by the oil.  Your lifestyle will have a significant impact on the results you experience. As mentioned in #5 The happier and healthier your cells are, the easier they can assimilate and work with the oils. 

Which one of these resonates with you the most?  

I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about incorporating essential oils into your routine and/or if you are looking to become an educator on our global team of Wellness Advocates.  I’d love to connect with you to learn more about your priorities and see if we are a fit to work together. 

Reference: What to Do When an Oil Doesn’t Seem to Be Working: The Essential Life 4th Edition

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