Hold steady: Observe your mind, Feel your body. Your Buried Treasure Awaits.

A steady container holds things effectively.  You are a container.  The contents inside are your map...

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You are Not Your Emotions

Don’t get it twisted… It is so common and easy to get tricked into thinking the thought or emotion i...

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Molecules of Emotion, a book that changed how I see

If ever there was book that changed the way I see. 🧐 🤓 🤩   𝗠𝗼𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘂𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗘𝗺𝗼𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻...

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The Greater Your Self-Worth, The more Abundant Life you Will live. It can't be any other way. 

The connection you have with your own inner being is your #1 asset.  It is the foundation on which a...

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Sourcing Black Spruce Essential Oil

If you attended dōTERRA’s 2019 Global Convention you were fortunate enough to hear all about the sou...

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5 Uses and Benefits of doTERRA’s Sweet Fennel Oil

Fennel has a long and storied history.   It’s an oil I have tended to overlook, and my appreciation ...

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10 Uses for Immortelle (Healthy Skin/Anti-Aging)

Immortelle is a daily habit in my skincare routine morning and night after cleansing and toning. Fra...

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10 Reasons to Use Lifelong Vitality

To those who know me, it’s no secret that I am essential oil obsessed.  Essential oils support nearl...

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Essential Spotlight: 7 Ways to Use On Guard

People ask me all the time… “What’s your favorite oil?” That’s like asking “What’s your favorite son...

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Essential Oil Spotlight: Cinnamon Bark Oil

Check out this  ebook: Cooking with Essential Oils The days are getting shorter, the air is crisp (m...

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Daily Habits for Optimal Wellness

Several of my high school friends have mentioned that I appear to be aging backwards . (Thank you, t...

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Top Ten Uses for Lemongrass Oil

Looking for a new addition to your essential oil collection? Lemongrass is the perfect place to star...

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Have you ever tried an essential oil and thought, “that didn’t work?”nbsp; Honestly - I may have in ...

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How to Calm Down, Naturally

How can we make our nervous system our ally, not our enemy? We truly hold the power within us and it...

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Do You Really Have a Use for Essential Oils in Your Everyday Life?

If you are wondering, “Do I really have use for essential oils in my normal, everyday life?” answer ...

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Tangerine and Spearmint Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Here's a great tip for using your Tangerine + Spearmint oils! Great DIY for refreshing a stinky garb...

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Homemade Coconut- Lime Popsicles

I am definitely going to give these treats a try.nbsp; I was just thinking about all of the yummy co...

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Benefits and Top 10 Uses of Cedarwood Oil

Many years ago, young women would prepare for marriage by filling a cedar chest with household ite...

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Uplift Mood with Cheer: Emotional Aromatherapy Blend

I just finished my 10 day live video series on the emotional benefits of the top 10 essential oils- ...

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