Sweet Simplicity + Energetic Amplification

is what you will experience when you learn how to harness the power of the plants to transmute emotional & energetic blocks and to support physical health.  

These GIFTS of the EARTH are a force for goodness, healing and connection and I thank you for turning to me as a guide in your transformational journey.  

It is my hope that as you develop a personal practice with the plants you will blossom into the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of your own life! 

Welcome to 
Aromatic Alignment
A private podcast feed to help you
ALIGN w/ the SPIRIT of the PLANTS 
to support the energy of your mind, body & home 
with doTERRA's pure essential oils.

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Happy Oiling,  Em

Access New Portals of Possibility... 

(that's what the oils are to me)

Every plant has its own essence, spirit & personality - a physical & energetic quality that it imbues upon us when we inhale it's aroma, apply it to our skin, or even ingest it.  

The essential oils have become a daily fascination and practice in my life, and I see them as portals to access true transformation.  

You may first come to the oils to ditch the synthetic fragrance & chemicals and switch to daily routines with pure essential oils like I did. When you stay consistent with their use, your mind and heart will be blown wide open at what is possible and you will feel shifts happening within and around you. 

With daily use and a hefty dose of curiosity, I began to feel myself ALIGN w/ the SPIRIT of the PLANTS.  The plants are my teachers. They show me how simple it is to cultivate calm, energy, focus and balance with greater ease. They invite me to listen more deeply to their messages and to my own inner wisdom.   

doTERRA literally means "Gift of the Earth".  Each oil carries with it a myriad of gifts. For example, grab Wild Orange when you want to feel a sense of calm & uplift and to connect to the truth of your innate joy and abundance. Physically Wild Orange helps stimulate Glutathione production in the body. Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant, detoxifier, and immune booster.   

Lemongrass is not only a physical analgesic, it bestows energetic purification as well.. Lavender's gift is calm - for skin, cells and emotions. 

Turmeric, or "sacred earth" in Latin, is renowned for a myriad of profound properties, including is support against inflammation. On the energetic level, it cleanses energy fields and promotes feelings of prosperity on all levels - health, wealth and relationships.  

When you are equipped with an arsenal of these SIMPLE, POWERFUL, & EFFECTIVE tools that can address 80% of what arises in your physical and emotional health & home, a foundation of confidence & calm builds at your core.  (for best way to get started, book a call, or shop here) .

That's what the power of the plants bestows upon us, being ready for ***most*** of what arises. Feeling ready for most anything elevates you into greater self-mastery & empowerment.  

This is a pretty sweet spot to be in a noisy world that is off its rocker!

Essential oils have become my not-so-secret tools for caring for my physical and emotional health and I love helping you realize the benefits of the deeper energetics at play too.  

There are many reasons to use the oils, but for me it began because I was fed up with toxic chemicals in household & personal care products.  I knew I wanted my life to feel simple & beautiful too. I soon realized the oils are in fact a simple & beautiful way to reduce the toxic load on your cells and support overall balance of your health. 

With that comes more energy, amplified well-being and a return to naturalness. 

I love to think of the oils as portals of possibility.  They are true vibrational healing tools for transformation that will help you tap into the fullness of your being.  

The education, pairings and diffuser blends in Aromatic Alignment speak mostly to the energetics of the plants, however with practice you will start to make the connection between the energy/emotional & physical healing aspects of the plants. Aromatherapy (the therapeutic use of essential oils) is much like yoga. Both are experiential practices that seek to unite mind, body & spirit.  

You can't read about these practices and understand the benefits. They must be felt. The oils get to the root cause, they support healing in stages and they connect us beautifully to nature and to our own naturalness.  With that comes a rising sense of inner spaciousness, freedom, and empowerment

Again, a sweet spot.  

So get your oils ready, and open the caps to experiment and make some connections to nature and to yourself.  If you have yet to begin your journey with essential oils, please book a call with me. Let's have a conversation about your priorities and I can offer support in customizing an order that will meet you where you are.  

I hope you enjoy this transmission of education and pairings.    

Practicing with you,

Ps.  Booking a call is the best way to go, because you get personalized support and guidance in customizing your order.  Plus real human connection is just nice. 

I look forward to connecting with you!