About Emily 
Emily is a compassionate teacher steeped in knowledge of the healing arts and sciences. A professional Geographer turned healing artist, she weaves a unique blend of intuition and logic into her work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, bodyworker, Certified Emotions Mentor® Coach, Certified Essential Oils Specialist and business mentor. 

A gifted educator, she has been helping heart-centered humans (who care about how they feel) use essential oils to positively impact health and mindset since 2015, teaching yoga since 2012, and facilitating healing through the power of therapeutic bodywork since 2006. 

She excels at seeing patterns and judiciously builds bridges between seemingly unrelated elements. With a unique set of tools, processes and understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection she will help you develop self- awareness, break through your limiting beliefs and into your potential as the true artist of your life and work. 
I honor and invest in the health of my body, mind and spirit.
I trust the gifts of the earth to care for me and those I love.
As an authentic network marketer, I partner in the vision and direction of doTERRA.
I am supported by proven, powerful systems that nourish my growth.
As a natural solutions provider, I share wellness with the world.
I stand as a leader in the movement for wholeness.
I create massive value for I am a producer.
I learn more and become more so I can serve more.
Because I am empowered, I empower others.
I am accountable. I live in harmony with the law of the harvest.
I plant and nurture seeds of health and hope in others.
I see value and potential in others so clearly, they see it in themselves.
I am united and create powerfully with my leaders.
We grow in abundance and success as we strengthen and serve.
By divine design, I am an infinite creator.
I dream so big I become the whole person who achieves it.
I was born to be free and lead others to freedom.
I express my gifts in brilliance.
I choose life, love and gratitude.
I am connected. My vision is clear.
Courage, joy, abundance, hope, healing, love and kindness are my legacy.

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