Healing in Hawaii

(Oct 20-26,2022)

A weeklong adventure harnessing the energetic power of the islands for manifesting new intentions. 

Elements of Wellness
TOUCH: Massage
MOVEMENT: Yoga + Hiking + Snorkeling + Swimming with Dolphins + Surfing
SILENCE: Meditation
NATURE: Jungle + Ocean + Beach
DIET: Seasonal + Local + Organic
HYDRATION: That’s on you!
SLEEP: Orchid Isle Manor

Natural Solutions for Everyday Mind, Body, Soul Management

The essential oils of plants simply make life better.  Simple tools and education to manage mind, mood and physical health.  Experience the power of nature to support whole health, energy and vitality.  

Emotions Mentor Coaching

My mission is to help you see yourself more clearly, improve overall health and relationships and help you realize greater fulfillment thru the power of emotional intelligence and self-love.

Empowered by Nature 

I started out my professional career as map-making geographer supporting the engineering industry. 

I spent 13 years in this space until a soul shifting healing arts based educational trip to Thailand & Bali changed my trajectory.  

Years of curious exploration of my own inner terrain along with 15 years working as a massage therapist, and deep dive into aromatherapy, emotional healing and navigating some tough transitions in life, have led me to NOW.   

The wings of my work include natural healthcare education with doTERRA Essential Oils, Emotions Mentor Coaching (group and 1:1 containers), and yoga & meditation instruction.  

Each wing is about helping you see yourself more clearly and reuniting with the channels of truth that live within you. 

As a child I wanted to be an eye doctor when I grew up, so I trust this is the way I'm meant to be working with vision.   Funny how things work out. 

I truly believe if we want to see a better, more peaceful world WE MUST START WITH CARING FOR OURSELVES & HEALING OUR HEARTS.  From the inside out.

Through preventative power of the plants, establishing simple health habits and deepening emotional intelligence, it is my aim to help you re-connect to your senses so you can show up big and bright to share your gifts, YOUR medicine with the world. 

What you can find here:  

  1. Mind Body Soul Coaching 1:1 and Group
  2. Aromatherapy Teachings 
  3. Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation 
  4. Grounded Spirituality/Healing Work
  5. All Love
With joy,  

Everything is energy.  
Are you taking care of yours?  
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